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Dr. Mohammed Usman Shaikh

Dr. Mohammed Usman Shaikh is a versatile primary care doctor, who is serious about creating an impact in the world with his patient care, writings and teaching methodology. He is an avid reader, a writer, a teacher, and is a friendly gamer. Technology sparks his interest, and he intends to learn more about the technology everyday. He is a motor-head, and enjoys talking about them for hours. He indulges in cooking simple yet delicious meals whenever he’s in for a delight. He is happy to share his experiences on this platform and aspires to inspire the reader!!

Recent publications

An anecdote of antimicrobial resistance in the surgical ward

An anecdote of antimicrobial resistance in the surgical ward

A young girl came to the hospital with a nodule on her cheek and had a successful surgery. However, a few days later, she returned to the hospital in pain with an infected wound. The infection was caused by a type of bacteria called MRSA, and the patient required modified antibiotic treatment and weekly follow-up visits for a month. Despite the complication, the patient was ultimately able to recover and was left with a small scar.

Dec 23, 2022 · 1 minute read